An Introduction to the

International Bahai Research Center (IBRC)

International Bahai Research Center (IBRC) is an educational and research center, established by a group of professors, scholars, and researchers from universities and religious institutions, who are interested in exposing the facts about the dangers of Bahaism, its roots, and its origin of creation by the colonial powers.



IBRC Services

In addition to the website and chat rooms, we are pleased to offer the following services:


1. Publication of books and pamphlets exposing the real image of the Bahai Sect.

Providing information

2. Providing information through telephone calls and e-mail about the true image and facts about Bahaism.

Live discussions

3. Live discussions with the intellectuals and researchers in different schools, colleges, universities and research centers.

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IBRC has provided the opportunity for writing research papers and also has held e-discussions in the cyber space about the important subjects such as “the Seal of Prophethood”, “the Living Imam Mahdi(p.b.u.h), “the Unity of Mankind”, “Illegitimacy of the Universal House of Justice”, “the Mystery of Prohibition of Teaching Bahai Faith and Residency of its Followers in Israel”, “the Conflict between the Bahai Excommunication and the Charter of Human Rights”, “homosexuality and the UHJ”, etc. 



An Introduction to the Bahai Faith.